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David Bottomley ACC - Lead Coach 





Team coaching enables and provokes deep and permanent change.

This is because the team takes responsibility for setting its own specific objectives, identifying its own unique strengths and weaknesses, and owning the transformation to a more productive, engaged and enjoyable way of operating.

Team coaching is different and deeper than training, team building or facilitation.

With team coaching the change will be designed by the team, to meet its own unique needs. The change is owned by the team, and sustained and developed after the coaching is completed.

Build and develop your teams to new heights of performance and enjoyment.  

Create harmonious and effective relationships within your team, so that each individual can make their unique and vital contribution to meet your goals. 


Team coaching is delivered by a pair of coaches through a number of sessions and activities.


We will:-

  • Ensure a safe space for open and honest engagement and discussion

  • Lead and facilitate the journey with the team

  • Hold up a mirror for the team to see themselves as they are, with all of their complexities, relationships, behaviours, challenges, opportunities and untapped potential.

  • Support and challenge the team to agree and transform to new ways of working, engaging and behaving, both internally and externally with customers, suppliers and other teams.

  • Offer our own extensive experiences and learnings, from working with a wide variety of teams in many different businesses and organisations.


An engaged, aligned and motivated team is significantly more productive and innovative.
Team coaching delivers an average of 50% increase in productivity

Source: International Coaching Federation


People are far less likely to leave your organisation, if they work in a happy and motivated team,  


Team Coaching Journey.png

The initial sessions form the agenda and atmosphere for the follow-on team coaching sessions. The team diagnostic helps identify the team and individual strengths and can include tools such as Strengthscope. Live Action Coaching is where we support and provide feedback on the team in real action. 

We provide confidential  1-2-1 coaching for all team members to support them through their personal change, using additional coaches as necessary.

We work with Natalie Thwaites Consultancy to deliver Team Coaching. 

Contact us to discuss your requirements, outline a flexible programme and discuss costs and timescales.

Be ready to invest in your team to realise their full value.


As team coaches, Natalie and David’s wealth of experience means they grasp key issues swiftly, have a facilitative style that empowers team problem solving, and deliver sessions with warmth and empathy. (Clare Stafford, CEO)

"From the first session, conversation with Dave was easy and comfortable. Tackled difficult conversation topics. Felt like I could bring up anything and receive a well thought out and insightful response. Dave really helped me solidify my goals and understand where some of my preconceptions were coming from and which of them were true."


"Dave has a fantastic style that will get you thinking!"


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