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David Bottomley ACC - Lead Coach 

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An insightful, empathetic and experienced coach, leader and consultant, who coaches leaders and individuals in all walks of life.

Help develop productive, energised and high-performing teams.

A Barefoot trained and ICF qualified coach, who has successfully worked with over 100 clients, plus teams and groups, both online and in person. 

I spent 25 years as a director, board member and manager in blue chip companies and SMEs, where it was my job to deliver results through strong, enabling leadership and the development of high-performing teams.

As a leader – primarily in technology and change management - I acquired many of the T-shirts, the scars and the trophies. I worked through middle-management to board level director-level with a large international business.

Four years decided it was time to slow down, reflect and turn my learnings and expertise to supporting individuals and teams to prosper and grow. 

As a qualified and experienced coach, I now work with experienced and new leaders, helping them find fulfilment in their careers and in their lives.

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  • Being empathetic, inquisitive and understanding

  • Being trusted and safe to work and share with.

  • Being supportive and helpful

  • Being positive, optimistic and constructive

  • Being honest, challenging and sometimes provocative

  • Making a real positive difference

outside of work:

I am a husband, father of three with three little grandchildren.  I like to run and keep healthy. I love to travel and explore, and capture the world in images and words. I work with a number of charities and also help SMEs with their technology strategy and delivery.  


Associate Certified Coach Associate - International Coaching Federation (ICF)

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Certified Team Coach with the Team Coaching Studio


MHFA Mental Health First Aider - England

Qualified Business and Personal Coach with Barefoot Coaching

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Brainz Magazine 

Executive Contributor


Approved Coach

The Coach Directory

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People WE work with

We work with a number of other great coaches, offering a broad range of life  experience, professional expertise and coaching delivery.  


Why moonrise?

The name comes from a line in the song "America" by Simon & Garfunkel.​ The writer is on a long journey across America on a Greyhound bus. He is watching through the window, noticing, reflecting and thinking. He feels his life is like this journey - he is part way along but unsure what lies ahead. Where does he want to go , and why?

It s getting dark, and hard to see anything. He feels a little lost. ​And then he sees something beautiful, calm, liberating and powerful that lifts his thoughts to higher possibilities.


"And the moon rose over an open field".


As a small child, on holiday in Cumbria, I vividly recall running across an open field at dusk, towards the sea, seeing the moon rise, it looked enormous, lighting the sky - warm, magnificent and beautiful.

Moonrising symbolises positive possibilities, strength, calm and beauty.

Why Focus on Leadership and Teams?

I'm passionate about great leadership and teamwork. In harmony, they can achieve whatever they like and change the world. I spent 30 years in leadership positions and leading various teams.

The world needs outstanding leadership more than ever – and we see precious few examples in politics or business. Leaders with vision, compassion, empathy, courage, integrity, commitment, and humility.


People who focus on leading rather than managing. Those who see the bigger picture see the importance of treating people well and building genuine relationships. Who knows how to influence and get good things done. And not simply serving their own ego!

The success of any organisation, movement, or operation is wholly based on teamwork and collaboration. Teams with clear objectives are made up of people who know their own unique contribution and are valued for it, who work together, support each other and get on with each other. And with great leadership.


Coaching can change or transform a person’s life. I love helping people, enabling them to see and understand themselves more clearly, opening up, and achieving new positive possibilities in their lives.

I want to see people overcome their self-imposed limitations, to recognise their own strengths and values, to challenge their own beliefs. I love to see people think afresh, from a bigger perspective, about what they really want from life and to give to the world.

I also want to share some of my own lessons and learnings in life.


"David is a pragmatic coach with executive-level experience which enabled him to ask insightful and thought-provoking questions that took me to a wholly appropriate and practical conclusion.I would definitely work with David again"


"Dave is a very experienced professional, who brings his years of knowledge to the role of business coach. He's patient and listens to the client - assessing how best he can help based on the individual's need rather than a predetermined expectation. He offers a reassuring, encouraging persona that makes him very easy to work with - would highly recommend."


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