David Bottomley ACC - Lead Coach 

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  • Insightful, empathetic and experienced coach, leader and consultant.

  • Coaches leaders and and individuals and helps develop productive, energised and high performing teams.

  • Fully Trained Barefoot Coach

  • Has coached over 60 clients and runs a number of group coaching workshops

  • Associate Certified Coach Associate - International Coaching Federation (ICF)

  • Certified Team Coach with the Team Coaching Studio

  • Works with company boards and leadership to deliver tangible business value. 

  • 25 years as a director, board member and senior manager in blue chip companies, delivering results through clear vision, strong leadership, developing high-performing teams and effective change management.

  • Specialist in information technology, retailing, healthcare and supply chain.

  • Extensive international experience.

  • Husband, and father of three. Keen runner, writer, photographer and world traveller.

What people have said :-

"David is a brilliant coach. He is incredibly approachable, open and non-judgemental. I felt I was able to open up to David in our coaching sessions and be honest about the challenges I was facing. I always felt like I was in a very safe space during my coaching sessions with David."  - Laura​

"Dave is an excellent coach who combines great listening, genuine curiosity, warmth and humour in a way which makes you feel truly listened to and supported. He reads between the lines, notices small details and draws them out. These observations have contributed to new insights, sparking my motivation and moving me forward both personally and professionally. Highly recommended!" - Kate

"Dave is a very experienced professional, who brings his years of knowledge to the role of business coach. He's patient and listens to the client - assessing how best he can help based on the individual's need rather than a predetermined expectation. He offers a reassuring, encouraging persona that makes him very easy to work with - would highly recommend" - Tom

"Just had a mentoring call with David and I’m fired up ready for next weeks challenges. Anyone in my network looking for  mentoring/coaching reach out to David." - Ruth

"From the first session, conversation with Dave was easy and comfortable. Tackled difficult conversation topics. Felt like I could bring up anything and receive a well thought out and insightful response. Dave really helped me solidify my goals and understand where some of my preconceptions were coming from and which of them were true." - M

"David is friendly and approachable and it was easy to build trust and strong rapport with him. I really appreciated David’s support, respect and willingness to provide the right balance between support and challenge at the right times. Working with David has helped me take time out for myself, rethink who I am and better understand my strengths and what my potential can be." - S 

"Dave has a fantastic style that will get you thinking!" - Lauren

“It was great working with David as his coaching client. David is personable, experienced, credible and is able to make you feel instantly at ease. His action focused approach is great for getting to the heart of an issue and providing clarity over the goals and desired outcomes. 

I would recommend David if you’re looking for an experienced, professional and outcome focused coach or mentor”

“David is a pragmatic coach with executive level experience which enabled him to ask insightful and thought provoking questions that took me to a wholly appropriate and practical conclusion.
I would definitely work with David again”

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