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Coaching for charities

I am a coach because I want to give back to the world & help people to flourish & succeed in their lives & work.

For smaller charities and for people who work in the charity sector, I love to give my services for free or with generous discounts.


I do this as part of my life-long support for charities, particularly those working with children and people with specific challenges. 

I coach refugees from Ukraine and work with a charity which supports refugees from Africa. I have coached CEOs and senior managers from charities supporting less privileged children, people with physical injuries and disabilities and survivors of abuse. I am also a trustee of a charity helping small farmers make a living in India. Alongside 1:1 leadership and career coaching, I collaborate with other coaches to offer team coaching.


Small charities have a number of challenges – limited resources, trustee relationships, competition for funding, managing volunteers, and often a lack of experience of management and implementing change. They also have great commitment, and a remarkable energy and determination to help make other people’s lives better. 

If you are a CEO or senior leader in a charity, and I can help support you and your team, get in touch, and let’s talk.

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