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Planning your Career Journey

You are a unique individual, with your own values, strengths, beliefs and ambitions for your life and career. We will help you to design the future you want, and to create a practical plan for how to get there. We offer support through  career changes and help you find success and happiness in your new world. 

We help you plan your career and travel to your successful future.

Programme Outline

Turn towards the future
• How are you feeling? What are your hopes and fears for the future?
• What do you want to let go of? What do you want to focus on ?

Have confidence in your strengths
• What are your career and life highlights?
• What are you most proud of ?
• When and how did you do your best work?
• What are your distinctive personal and professional skills?

Build a positive and determined mindset
• What is special about you?
• Build confidence and self-belief
• Puncturing beliefs and assumptions that are getting in the way
• What will drive you forwards?

Identify your target role / career plan
• Which you will find interesting and fulfilling
• Matches and realises your personal values
• Will give you a sense of fulfilment and worth
• Offers you the flexibility and lifestyle you want

Present your positive self to the job market
• Revealing your authentic self with confidence and enthusiasm
• Create a distinctive profile and an outstanding CV

Thriving thru' Redundancy


Your role is no longer required in your organisation.You are NOT redundant - you are a precious, worthwhile, talented and valuable human being. Nobody can ever take that away from you.

You now have the challenge – and opportunity - of finding where your skills, experience, strengths and ambitions can be realised in a new situation. We can help you do just that.

This programme will help you to process all that has happened to you, and work through all the emotions which that has surfaced. We will help you prepare mentally and practically to re-enter the job-market with confidence and energy. By the end, you be ready to present the positive, genuine, and unique YOU with all of your strengths, skills, achievements, and personality to organisations you would like to work with.

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