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Shifting our Ever Givens

The Suez has finally been unblocked. We all saw

the gigantic Ever Given wedged across the canal, stopping 369 other boats from getting through. The impact was enormous - $50bn of goods delayed getting to customers. The alternative route around Africa takes 2 more weeks.

We have blockages of our own. Some small, some huge. Fears which get in the way. Insecurities that disrupt and paralyse. Negative beliefs which inhibit us.

Our blockages can be very costly, stopping us doing the very things which make us happy.

Opportunities are lost, relationships unfulfilled, joys unrealised. Instead we spend our energies taking long and circuitous diversions, which frustrate us and don't take us to where we want to go.

It took 6 days of help to shift the Ever Given. Lightening its load. Digging it out. Tugging it loose.

We need that too. A coach can help us - where did it came from? is it still needed? what is its impact? how long will I put up with it for? what is the worse that could happen if I break through my blockage, and what is the best?

We can even have a blockage against removing our blockages. But it would have been crazy to leave the Ever Given where it was, wouldn’t it?

We don't want our Ever Given to be Ever There, do we? Get in touch for help shifting yours.

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