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Peel off the Label

We over-simplify people at our peril. Ourselves most of all.

It’s very easy to label people based on one, very visible characteristic: arrogant, smart, loud, shy, short, lazy...

The reality is much more complex and enlightening.

Is Meghan a goodie or a baddie? Or is she elements of both, and more – insecure, self-centred, loving, scared, determined?

Just like the rest of us, in different shades and intensities, depending on the light.

When we label people, we do them a real disservice. The label sticks. Everything they do is determined by the label we have stuck on them.

When we label ourselves, we write it on the door of our prison cell.

We think and act as we do, not because we are baddies or goodies, old or young, male or female (insert your own polarisation), but because of a myriad of experiences and influences and the unique situation we find ourselves in. I can be shy or confident (or both) depending on how I slept or who is in the room.

Understanding, accepting and enjoying the complexity of ourselves - our values, drivers, strengths and sensitivities – is fascinating. Removing our labels – often given us by others - is liberating. Appreciating this about others builds acceptance, empathy and forgiveness.

If you would like help with your labels, get in touch.

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