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Why Moonrise ?

The name comes from a line in the song "America" by Simon & Garfunkel.

The writer is on a long journey across America on a Greyhound bus. He is watching through the window, noticing, reflecting and thoughtful. He feels that his life is like this journey - he is part way along but is unsure what lies ahead. Where does he want to go, and why?

It s getting dark, and hard to see anything. He feels a little lost. 

And then he sees something beautiful, calm, liberating and powerful which lifts his thoughts to higher possibilities. 


"And the moon rose over an open field"

As a small child, on holiday in Cumbria, I vividly recall running across an open field at dusk, towards the sea, seeing the moon rise, it looked enormous, lighting the sky - warm, magnificent and beautiful.

Moonrising symbolises positive possibilities, strength, calm and beauty.


Why Coaching ?

Coaching has the power to change or transform a person’s life. I have seen that with my clients over and over again.

I love helping people, enabling them to see and understand themselves more clearly and to open up and achieve new positive possibilities in their lives. I see people overcome their self-imposed limitations, to recognise their own strengths and values, to challenge their own unhelpful beliefs and mindsets.


I love to see people think afresh, from a bigger perspective, about what they really want from life, and to give to the world.  

Why Leadership & Teams?

The world needs outstanding leadership more than ever before. Leaders with vision, compassion, empathy, courage, integrity, commitment, and humility. People who focus on leading rather than managing. Who see the bigger picture, see the importance of treating people well and building genuine relationships. Leaders who know how to influence and get good things done - and not simply serving their own ego !

I am passionate about great leadership and team work. In harmony, they can achieve whatever they like and can change the world. I spent 30 years in leadership positions, inhabiting and leading a wide variety of teams. Some great, some under-performing and some dysfunctional.


The success of any organisation, project or operation is wholly based on team-work and collaboration. Teams with clear objectives, made up of people who know their own unique contribution, and are valued for it,. Team members who work together and support each other, with great leadership.


Our Values

Empathetic and understanding
Trusted and safe to work and share with
Supportive and helpful
Positive, optimistic and constructive
Honest, challenging and provocative
Making a real positive difference

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