Change is complicated - because includes people, technology and resources. We can help you identify change, manage the complexity and minimise the risk, make it happen and make it real.


Delivering Change with Confidence

Few organisations find change management easy - projects go off the rails, overspend, under-deliver and miss deadlines. Moonrise Consulting can help you plan, establish and execute effective change management. And its all about the people. Talk to us today to learn more.



Finding the Best Solution - Fast  !

Every business problem can be solved ! We can provide structured, focused and energised workshops. With smart facilitation and all of the right people in the room. what would take weeks and months of fragmented discussions and meetings can be solved in a day. Contact us now for help.

Standing Meeting


Leading Technology Transformation

Using our extensive experience of board level leadership within corporate and private large technology, we can help CIOs and IT executives build great technology teams to support their business. If you are a new IT executive, or have a new challenge you need help with, contact Moonrise Consulting today.

Casual Business Meeting


Creating a place to Succeed

Is your organisation set up for success, to enable all the people within it to work as effectively as they can? We will help you define and design your optimum organisation to enable your teams to  collaborate and succeed, with clear roles and supporting processes. Contact us now to see how we can help.

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