What Coaching Gives You

We create a safe and supportive space - listening, understanding, encouraging and challenging, so that you can discover the energy, skills, direction and outcomes you need to live a balanced, successful and fulfilling life, achieving your ambitions and releasing your full potential.

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Working Together

We run a number of programmes typically up to 6 sessions, tailored to your specific needs and situation. We are happy to personalise a programme from any elements of the programmes offered. We can flex and adjust, adding in or subtracting elements, in order to get the best possible outcome for you.  

We will explore your strengths, your values and what gives you energy, and align these to your goals and ambitions. We will help you with your challenges,  any concerns or unhelpful beliefs - working through these to deal with anything which could hold you back or cause you to lose energy or focus. 

Sessions can be supported by additional reading, podcasts, videos, exercises, preparation and reflection in your own time. The final session encourages resolutions and action planning to ensure ongoing  progress and growth.

Your Investment in Yourself

Coaching is investment in yourself, which will pay dividends over and over both now and in the future.

To succeed you need to find some "you time".

And you need to be committed, open-minded and ready to challenge yourself.


Our initial 30-45 minute conversation is free of charge and without obligation. It will provide a taster of our coaching approach and will check that our coach is right for you. 


We receive between £1,200 - £1,800 for a typical 6 session programme, which can vary depending on who is funding the coaching. Special discounts and pro bono sessions are available for charities.

We also provide one-off, ad hoc and regular coaching and mentoring support, at an hourly rate, with discounts for regular sessions. 

A free follow-up session is offered within 6 months of the programme completing.

A full no-quibble refund will be given if, for any reason you choose not to complete a session or a programme.

Our coach(es) 

All our coaches are qualified, experienced and professional. They are great listeners, empathetic and 100% on your side. Click here to find out more about our coaches, their approach and testimonials from other clients.  

We follow the International Coaching Federation code of ethics, with 100% confidentiality guaranteed.

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