1:1  Personal Coaching Options

Life Coaching 

You have the potential to be balanced in your mind, in control of your life, successful in your ambitions, happy in your relationships and to be a positive and valuable benefit to the world. We can help you to understand yourself, navigate through your challenges and to be fulfilled in your life, whatever that uniquely means for you. 

Managing Your Mindset 

What are the conversations we have with ourselves. Are they positive or negative? Do we limit ourselves by what we belief, what we say to ourselves, and if so, how can we switch our internal conversation to be positive and affirmative. Learn how to move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. How to rewire our brains to take different and more helpful  neural pathways.  

Mental Fitness

Are you experiencing stress, anxiety, low mood or challenges in your relationships?


Of do you want to build more mental fitness to overcome negative thoughts or beliefs which sabotage you or hold you back?  

Lets have a free conversation to see how we can help. Our coach is a Mental health First Aider, trained and experienced in helping people work through challenges such as these, or, where appropriate recommending a counsellor or psychotherapist.     


Group Coaching Programme

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Leading Your Life With Your Values

Thursday March 3rd 12-1pm GMT  on Zoom

Click here for more details of our Be Your Own Best Boss Programme.